Olá pessoal, minha nova publicação para a revista eForensics (Forensics with Autopsy and Paladin).

Este artigo faz parte do curso de Coleta e Análise Forense com Paladin 7 e Autopsy 4.

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Mini curso Autopsy e Paladin – Exemplos (Inglês)

by Petter Lopes

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of forensic data collection and analysis with the Paladin 7 Linux distribution and the Autopsy analysis tool. As such, the presentation does not have the objective of exhausting the subject. The presentation passes to an example forensic collection procedure using the Toolbox tool of the Paladin 7 distribution, after the Autopsy tool is used to analyze the Windows 10 Operating System. These procedures represent the steps that the Forensic Expert addresses to answer the proposed technical questions. Finally, this presentation also briefly discusses some free tools for computational forensics.



Mini curso Autopsy e Paladin – Exemplos (Inglês)